Like so many families, Susan and Luke found themselves in a financial predicament they never envisioned: their child became very ill, medical bills mounted, and they eventually lost a property they owned in Northern Florida. Despite obstacles though, Susan and Luke never gave up on their dream of homeownership. They knew they had to get back on their feet and get out of debt. After doing some research, they discovered the South Florida Community Land Trust’s lease-purchase program and decided to enroll.

Susan and Luke moved into a two bedroom, one bath CLT home in Oakland Park owned by South Florida CLT.  They started to heal and put the pieces of their life back together. Luke opened an awning business, paid his bills on time and like before, they started to save their money.  While not homeowners, yet, they paid their $1,100 monthly rent on time for the home they eventually hoped to purchase.

After two years of working with South Florida CLT, Susan and Luke are now proud homeowners and were the first Community Land Trust buyers in Broward County. Coincidentally, the family’s new home is also adjacent to the very house Luke grew up in when he moved to Fort Lauderdale with his family.

“This is home. Being able to own this place is like a dream come true. I know it is to me,” says Luke when talking about the South Florida CLT program and his home.

*Names have been changed to protect their identity