As a child, Katie Jacobs* never forgot her father’s promise. “No matter how old you get, I bought this house so you have a safe, secure place to come to,” he said.

Now, 30 years later, single mother Jacobs is providing that same promise to her two children, Justin*, age 13 and Harry*, 18. The 37-year old government employee purchased her first home in the peaceful area of Lauderdale Lakes.

“I wanted a home ever since I could remember,” said Jacobs. “This home is everything to me. It’s the dream that finally came true.”

It was dream she envisioned while renting a small three-bedroom home in a neighborhood plagued with a high crime rate and late night commotions. Not an ideal location to raise two young children.

“I was nervous for my children to walk to the park,” said Jacobs. “I wanted a place where they are safe.”

As so the search for a home began, resulting in disappointments. She placed 2-3 offers and none of them went through. All were cash deals that she could not afford. It wasn’t until her REALTOR told her about South Florida Community Land Trust where she was able to find everything she ever wanted and more.

South Florida Community Land Trust is a nonprofit corporation that develops and preserves affordable housing in South Florida. It is one of the few organizations in South Florida that is focused on creating a permanent source of affordable housing to help both current and future homeowners. Their mission is to help South Florida residents like Coppet afford a home without compromising on safety or quality.

“South Florida Community Land Trust gave me more than I expected,” said Jacobs.

By working with South Florida Community Land Trust, Jacobs is able to pay $300 less a month than what she was paying in rent, yet has more amenities than her previous location. Her new home was move-in ready, four bedrooms, a garage, a beautiful backyard and a patio.

But besides all of these advantages, Jacobs loves knowing her children are safe. She is no longer troubled when Justin walks to the park for his Little League Tournaments.

“My kids love their home and it will be available to them for the rest of their lives. You cannot put a price tag on that.”

*Names have been changed