Beverly Charles was born and raised in Florida. Yet, as a single mother she struggled to find a safe and affordable home to raise her two children on her pay as a hairstylist.

Fortunately, her battle was resolved when Beverly discovered South Florida Community Land Trust, who were able to help her find the apartment that she desperately needed.

“If I could choose any apartment, this would be the apartment I would want to live in,” enthuses Beverly. “I love it here.”

“We have a roof over our head, I don’t have to worry about maintenance, the owners take very good care of everything here and all the neighbors are very nice,” she adds.

South Florida Community Land Trust is a nonprofit corporation that develops and preserves affordable housing in South Florida, and is one of the few organizations in South Florida that is focused on creating a permanent source for this. Their mission is to help South Florida residents like Beverly and her children have an affordable home without compromising on safety or quality.

Beverly shares, “I enjoy being with my kids, going to parks, the beach, movies, reading together and being with each other. Everything is convenient – a five to ten-minute drive, and we can walk to the park. I don’t ever want to move from this area.”

Thanks to South Florida Community Land Trust, in the five years that she has been in her apartment, Beverly and her active thirteen-year-old son and six-year-old daughter have been able to enjoy the activities that they love.

However, like many, Beverly is feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a hairstylist, she is unable to work. As a mother, Beverly states, “If I am not well and healthy – my children rely on me. So, I have to follow the rules and stay indoors.”

Although she did receive a stimulus check, it has already been used it to pay the bills, and she is afraid that the money she has managed to save will soon be gone.

Despite her concerns, Beverly considers the future with an optimistic attitude. “Better days are coming. It may not be the same as what we are used to, but I do feel, there is a better day around the corner.”

South Florida Community Land Trust hopes to become a part of this positive future today, providing additional support for Beverly and others like her in the community by creating a fund to help with food, electricity and other payments during this time. Your support can help these families. As Beverly wisely declares, “A beautiful mindset towards the world is a beautiful morning. Allow yourself to believe in that future.”