Happily Ever After In South Florida

Ten years ago you would have found *Jennifer Taft living in a small, crowded apartment in New York City. She was young, single and having fun in the big apple… READ MORE

Yumi Sul & Arthur Wainblat

Single Mom Provides a New Life for Her Children

As a child, Katie Jacobs* never forgot her father’s promise. “No matter how old you get, I bought this house so you have a safe, secure place to come to,” he said. Now, 30 years later… READ MORE

Katie Jacobs

A New Chance for a South Florida Renter

Barbara has lived in her current apartment for the better part of a decade. She moved in long before South Florida CLT purchased the property when it went into foreclosure and the residents… READ MORE

Barbara Guerrero

The First SFCLT Homeowners

Like so many families, Susan and Luke found themselves in a financial predicament they never envisioned: their child became very ill, medical bills mounted, and they eventually lost a property they owned… READ MORE

Susan and Luke

A Dangerous Situation Left Behind

They had just put their children to sleep when shots rang out.  The house they were renting in the only neighborhood they could afford to live had been riddled with bullets… READ MORE

The Plunketts

Getting Excited About Homeownership

I closed on my CLT home in January 2015, after paying off my debt and saving enough for a down payment and closing costs. Now I’m paying 60% of what I used to pay in rent! … READ MORE

Mack Lamy